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Art in Motion Fitness is a committed fitness team located in Lemoyne, Pa. Our unique studio is close to Harrisburg, Camp Hill, Enola, New Cumberland, Mechanicsburg and Dillsburg. We will do everything in our power to lead you to a healthier you! We wish to empower people of all ages, shapes, sizes and ability. This means encouraging novice exercisers and ensuring they have a positive first experience plus, motivating seasoned participants to build strength and stamina.

What makes us different?

We love all levels of fitness in our classes and think fitness should be fun, silly, sexy and exciting!  Yes, our instructors are very physically fit. Please don't let that intimidate you! Think about it; who would provide you with the best workout? Someone in shape or someone out of shape? Have you tried fitness and feel like a fitness misfit with two left feet? Do you feel like you were always picked last for the team? Come be 1st with us! Ask us to share our story with you. I think you may be surprised to know that the instructors at Art in Motion Fitness didn't always "look" that way or "move" like that! We would love to meet you and help you, but you can't GIVE UP after just one try! It just doesn't work that way. Tell yourself- "I will try it 5 times before I form an opinion!" 
We invite you to explore our website and see what we have to offer. Take a Tour of our Studio. We offer a variety of payment options: pay-as-you-go, class session punch cards, gift certificates, yearly and monthly membership contracts. Our group fitness studio offers a variety of fun classes for those living in Central Pa. We have dance fitness classes and workout classes: Zumba Fitness: Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Toning, Zumba Step, Low impact/toning classes, yoga, pilates, personal training, hip hop, TRX Training, Boot Camp H.I.I.T, Creative Cardio and more!

We Believe:
In You;
In Your Strength;
In Your Success!

Quotes from our clients:

 When I'm not working- I'm usually here- I can't say enough positive things about my two friends Susan Simmers and Denise Gallucci who go above & beyond to inspire & motivate everyone that walks thru their doors!- Yes I live in Dillsburg- Yes I drive to Lemoyne almost daily- takes me 20 minutes - WHY do I go? To laugh- have fun- act crazy- dance- scream- sweat- stress relief - building friendships while building muscles! There is all different kind of classes from beginner yoga or Zumba, Pilates , TRX Suspension, Hip Hop dance and more!!! classes usually take a hour they are during daytime & evenings about everyday of the week! so it is easy to find time to schedule- There is all ages all shapes & sizes and all levels of ability- We all have the common bond of wanting to do something to better ourselves , get fit , be fit & stay fit- It is a awesome journey when you have your friends new & old by your side along the way - Art in Motion Fitness- check it out!! (July 14)

 When you sweat for an hour and are still smiling (and not because you just finished), you know that you've found an exercise program that you love. When you're greeted by name and with smiles from both instructors and other members, you know that you're welcomed and in an accepting environment. Both of these experiences happen every time I go to a class at Art in Motion Fitness. I've only been attending for about 6 months, and I'm not the athletic type or even the most co-ordinated, but I've always left class feeling welcomed, encouraged, and great about exercising. Thanks Susan and Denise for offering exercise as a "PARTY"! (June 14)


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New to Exercise????

Let us help you get started! We know how scared you are. We know you ask yourself can I really do this? What if...... (the list is endless)

Everyone has their insecurities and fears. We want to help you.

Our offer:

$20 for a 30 minute introduction to ANY group fitness class! You name's your call

Zumba, Cardio, Yoga, Pilates, Toning! You pick the class;

you ask the questions and we will help you get started! 

Have a private personal session, do it with a friend or bring a whole group!

Cost remains the same! (HINT: Bring a group and split the cost.)

This is a great deal!!!

You learn the form, steps and any modifications your body needs!

Call or email now to set up a date and time.



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